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The New Cenote

Once Tarro and Dania met in Island of dreams again and hugged each other as always when they met again. Usually they went to the beach then, but Dania said they had to go to the community place because the peaceful dreamworld was on the edge of war. Tarro asked why. Dania told him, a new cenote had been discovered and everybody who swam in its water felt fresh, happy and healed, but it was small and all races of the island wanted to use it for their own.

When they came to the community place, all the fairies, pixies, ghosts, centaurs, dragons, dwarfs, ogers, goblins and elves were already there, arguing for the access and some even wanted to fight. Tarro asked them to stop and to listen. He said a solution could be an alternating access, each day for one race. All the creatures agreed, but then they started to quarrel who should be the first and the next, and some said it would take too long time when they always had to wait serveral days for their turn. Nobody wanted to listen, so Tarro had to throw and drive his magic sword to the ground to stop their discussion.

Dania then had an idea. She said every race should get access to the cenote for one hour per day, starting from 8:00 h a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the smallest race at the beginning and the largest one at the end. Then the goblins asked her how to make sure that really one race could use the cenote and other's would not disturb them. Dania said, she would create a magic portal which would only let the correct race going through and others were blocked for that time. All creatures were now discussing among themselves and after a short time, they agreed to this solution.

So Tarro and Dania went to the cenote. Tarro put his magic sword at the ground again, Dania made a strong spell. The sword was flying above the cenote, sending light flashes all over the place and creating a massive stone wall with some windows, and a large portal around the cenote. Some plants were placed on top of the wall and flowers made it looking nicely. Happy about this solution, they hugged each other and went hand in hand to the beach.

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